Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The X Fools

Maybe it's just a reflection of how I browse the online newspapers, but I'm getting the distinct impression that Ghosts and UFOs are suddenly in fashion in the media. If you remember back in January there was the mystery of the wind turbine that suffered damage on the same night mysterious lights were spotted flying in the vicinity. Then there was the news reports like this one of UFOs being photographed over London and other reports that seem to suggest that UFO sightings over Britain have been rather frequent as of late.

And if little green men (why are they always green? When was the last time you saw a film that showed aliens as being green?) are not your cup of tea you can always read about photos of ghosts. Apparently for example King James V has been spotted at a castle. Or for another example a ghost of a lady dressed in Victorian-era clothes has been caught by Google Street View. But when I went to see for myself on Google I was slightly disappointed to see that it was just a photo of a blurred lady who's wearing a coat, a scarf and something on her head, who did NOT seem to be hovering and to be honest, seemed to be waving for a bus. My spine singularly failed to be even slightly chilled.

And now today I've spotted yet another article, but this time claiming that Google Street View has spotted UFOs over Bethnal Green.

So what's going on then? Well here are a few theories off the top of my head.

1. Aliens and Ghosts do exist and they got together in a conference somewhere (probably next to a large Travelodge in proximity to Max Clifford's house) to decide now it was time to come clean and prove their existence.

2. What with the world's economy going through tough times the newspaper editors of the world decided to get together to take our mind off things. During World War 2 the Russian Communist Government relaxed their control on the Church to allow an outlet from the sufferings of war. So now? Don't worry if you've lost your job, your money and your house, we've found the ghost of a dead Scottish king and we've spotted aliens flying over the bookies in the East End.

3. It's all a scam by Google Street View to generate publicity for their new service. Look, it's a photo of a woman wearing a coat and scarf and hat in an area notorious for murders more than a century ago. Gotta be a ghost, hasn't it!?!?

4. It's a competition between different newspapers to out-do each other in the "odd news items" stakes. In the same way banks were competing with each other to find new and innovative ways of lending more and more money to people who didn't have a chance of paying it back; newspapers are competing to find more strange and innovative news articles to pull in readers who don't have a chance of taking them seriously.

5. Maybe it's just me and I'm imaging it all. Everything, including this blog is just a figment of my imagination.